I became a Coach for one reason. To empower and inspire a new generation of young men, to be the very best they can be. So that they can survive, thrive and create their own happiness.

On paper my formative years were troublesome. The school reports would read:

"He has lots of potential, but doesn't use it"

"He is such a sensitive boy but he seems so lost"

I heard that message over and over. No one ever told me how to discover my potential or much less how to use it.

My life began to be characterised by a downward spiral. I didn't have a purpose and I didn't know what I was good at. With no confidence, self love or self esteem I set my standards low. 

By the age of 23 I was in a situation where I had no prospects for the future, despite having a supportive family I didn't make any progress. My grades dropped, I became isolated, and my motivation to change lessened everyday.

When I turned 28 I was faced with a choice. Do I continue living life this way where i am unfulfilled, unhappy and stuck, or do I challenge myself to be better.

Fast forward 10 years and I have transformed my life. I have purpose, I love myself and I show confidence in my life and my choices. I became a coach so I could impact the lives of young men who were in a similar situation to myself.


Young men have so much placed on their shoulders, even more so today. The shifting sands of masculinity lending confusion to what a man is, inevitably affects who they think and feel they should be. Mental health issues are on the rise in young men, addiction and depression are more commonplace than ever before.

Our boys are caught up in a maelstrom of uncertainty.

Ultimately leading to the questions:

"Who am I and what do I want?"

I help my clients answer these questions. 

In doing so they discover new found self esteem, resilience, resourcefulness and ultimately happiness.

The young men I work with learn about who they are, what they want to do, and why they want to do it. They are able to be resilient through out stressful periods, rely on themselves in difficult situations. Develop self awareness so that they can communicate their feelings and needs fluently to their parents, friends and most importantly themselves. They set their standards high and they transform into the man they want to be.







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