Henry Johnstone.

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I help your son make the transition to a man. So that he develops self-reliance and the skills he needs to live a balanced and happy life. When you are no longer here, you will rest assured that he will be secure as he carves his own path. 

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Coaching young men is where my passion is. I haven't forgotten the confusion I went through during my teenage years. I know that my parents wanted me to be what they thought was best for me.


For me to truly become my own man I had to discover want I wanted to do and discover whom I wanted to be. This process takes the trust that your son has everything he needs to move forward, all he needs is someone impartial who is going to support and empower him. I am dedicated to helping young men discover who they are. 


I use coaching and counseling skills which are unmatched to empower young men. He will develop resilience, and self-reliance, he will feel discover a part of himself he never knew he had. He will shrug off adversity and face challenges as a naturally assertive man. He will make you proud in the way that makes sense to him, on his terms, in his way.

90 Minute Consultation.

Meet me for a one to one consultation. I'll help you discover what you really want to achieve and how to get there.

One to one Coaching.

Your son will work with me every week for 3-6 months. He will develop himself from the inside out. Together we will discover what matters to him, what drives him. He will discover how he can use his talents to create the life he wants to have.


3 month Coaching package.


6 month Coaching package


3 Day Metal Work Retreat



I have been deeply impressed by the changes I have seen in my son.  Previously he was "all over the place" and not achieving either in education - he had been out for 3 years due to illness and generally not coping with life. He was also previously not doing anything with his time towards his other life needs.  Now I see him as a developing, late adolescent beginning to take his place back in education and in society in general and beginning to believe he can carve out a place for himself in the world.


Over the last few months I have seen my son actually set goals and stick to them, e.g. finishing a basic education course despite set backs and difficulties.  He has been able to be part of the process in getting a place at college to do a course he is passionate about and wants to pursue as a career. I cannot thank him enough or recommend him more highly. If you have the chance to work with Henry - take it. 



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